Kathy Ratchford of Mekastin Interiors works closely with your local Realtor as we introduce our exclusive program 

 "MAKE IT OR MARKET ~ your home"  

If your choice is to MAKE IT ~ your home, Kathy will walk you through a plan that includes a beautiful transformation after your realtor confirms your neighbourhood will support your upgrades. Kathy can help you completely transform your spaces from dull and tired to bright and beautiful and within your budget.

If your choice is to MARKET ~ your home, your realtor will guide you in your search for a new Home while Kathy helps with a little Nip and Tuck to have your existing home attracting the highest price in your neighbourhood. 

CALL TODAY and make an appointment.  

You'll be the envy of your family and friends

    "Only Our Look Is Expensive"​   


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  "MAKE IT OR MARKET"  ~ your home

​                            YOU DECIDE ~ WE'LL DO THE REST